Counselling can help when everything is getting you down, or the pressures of life seem too great.

My name is Margaret Goldie and I work as a psychodynamic counsellor both in private practice in Wanborough, and at the Counselling and Psychotherapy Centre in Swindon.

Everyone can get overwhelmed at certain times in life. This might be related to current problems, or linked to difficulties from the past, but – whatever the reason –  any one of us can end up feeling anxious or scared, angry or fearful, sad or lonely.

Sometimes difficult feelings can be shared with family or friends; at other times you might find it easier to talk to a professional who is not involved in your life in any other way. That’s where counselling can be worth a try.

Psychodynamic counselling can help you explore your feelings and develop better self-awareness, which in turn can help you make more positive relationships, meet everyday challenges and use all of your abilities to best effect. The benefits of this kind of counselling can often continue well after the counselling itself ends.

Find out more about counselling in general, my approach to counselling and my qualifications for doing so and contact me if you think I can help.